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At Siddha Yoga Peeth, we understand that doing Yoga is really good for your health as it has its benefits for the physical and psychological state of the body. There are some good reasons to include the practices of yoga in your world to take care of your health.

SYP BenefitsHere are some of the advantages of doing Yoga in your daily life.

  1. Increasing agility, strength and flexibility

In our daily life we have many sports activities whereas some of the sports focus on strength and some of the sports focus on agility. However, there are only a few sports which will give you flexibility, agility and strength all in one. There are professional athletes whose injury has been treated with the practice of yoga. Candidates suffering from double mastectomy have fully regained their mobility which was not done after several surgeries. But with the Yoga Practice, it has become possible to make the connective tissues and ligaments strong, pliable and stretchable as they were before.

  1. Enhancing the cognitive functions of mind

You will feel little awkward after knowing that the stretching breathing exercises can improve your memory along with other cognitive functions of mind. You have seen that the Yogis have much more memory capacity to ours and level of concentration is very high as compared to us. The meditation in Yoga is the key of concentrationas it results in improved brain functioning. It is the ultimate goal of the yoga which can help you in your office, schools and every field of work.

  1. Normalizing your body weight

Doing hath yoga and power yoga will not help you in burning calories as workouts do in gym or home. But it will surely help you in normalizing the body weight with the help of restoring the balance of hormones in the body. The hormonal balance in the body can be achieved by decreasing the cortisol levels and response of our nervous system. The stress level of the body causes overeating and the yoga helps in lowering the stress level which ultimately prevents you from overeating.

  1. Reducing the level of pain

There are many studies which say that the yoga effectively reduces the pain. In yoga, it does not matter you are suffering from arthritis, migraines or fibromyalgia but it will reduce your pain which you are having because of all these diseases. Yoga practices will make a backache disappear just in few days as it was never there in your body before. Overall, meditation is the good remedy for reducing pain and living a healthy life.

  1. Increased respiration efficiency

The Pranayama of yoga will help you in achieving the higher level of awareness. It is just another benefit of yoga on your health which is achieved through breathing only. Apart from this, the yoga also has some wonderful benefits like more tidal volume, increased lung capacity and your ability to reduce the pace of breathing which results in longer span of life.

  1. Normal Blood Pressure

In the world, where most of the people are suffering from high BP,Yoga is just a miracle for them. Yoga can help them in controlling their Blood Pressure and they can live a simple life. Yoga practices are more effective in controlling BP as compared to changes in your diet.

  1. Great Mental Health

Yoga has stunning benefits in the case of the psychological department of person as it helps the persons in increasing their motivation, lowering the depression, improving mood and more connectivity with others. All these factors result in great mental health leading to healthy and peaceful life.

  1. Prevention of Degenerative Diseases

The yoga has shown impressive features in the prevention of diseases. If you will understand this, then you are just going to take your yoga mat and will start doing yoga. There are some reasons which will help you in keeping healthier like decreasing the levels of glucose, sodium, cholesterol, triglycerides, oxytocin etc.

  1. Parasympathetic Nervous system taking over yoga

During our stress, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems help us in keeping calm and stable. Yoga just helps in triggering the parasympathetic nervous systems as it helps in relaxation of mind. Our nervous system is often triggered by noise, disturbance, family pressure, work pressure etc, which result in active sympathetic nervous system. It can become less effective only when parasympathetic nervous system gets active and yoga will help you in keeping this system active to lower your stress level.

  1. Yoga can be done anywhere

Join SYPIt is the most convenient benefit of yoga that you can do yoga anywhere and at any time like home, park, offices, hotel rooms, rooftops etc. It requires nothing special just a yoga mat which is also not a very important thing to start the yoga practices.

So stay happy and healthy with our perfectly designed yoga course.