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How to reach Siddha Yoga Peeth

In the natural scenic landscapes of Rishikesh, India is located an international standard yoga education center popularly known as Siddha Yoga Peeth (SYP). It is a yoga learning and training school. In the year 2012, this center was established with a vision and passion for conducting yoga and meditation workshops/ courses/ retreat about the ancient knowledge of yoga and meditation based on Vedic philosophy of India.

The school emphasis on the health benefits of yoga practice and additionally dedicated to bring out the hidden potential of every student so as to transform their life completely.

SYP - Rishikesh

We believe in the philosophy that every human has immense potential as a soul for which we help them to bring out their hidden potential while practicing the deep meditation at SYP using the ancient techniques of siddha path (The perfect Yogi/ Spiritual Masters/ Saints).

Over the due course of time and some rigorous research, we have evolved and reestablished the hidden and not much discovered secrets of this mysterious land , the roots of this skill is grounded deep in the times of invention of Yoga philosophy of Indian culture which were almost forgotten and were gradually vanishing away from the modern humans.

The ultimate aim of Siddha Yoga Peeth  is the three dimensional health benefit of its pupil that is – physical, mental and spiritual .

This education center is widely spread on the holy banks of river Ganga, that holds a very sacred position in the beliefs of Indians, next to the famous land mark Lakshman Jhoola in a small consecrated city of Rishikesh in Northern India. This pilgrimage site has a great foot fall of pilgrims for across the globe seeking physical, spiritual and mental peace, this whole patch is known for its religious and spiritual practices by the great saints and sages around in different ashrams, and other spiritual centers.

Yoga at SYPIn the recent times though yoga has been very popular among both masses and classes, but somehow its genuineness is not the same what it was supposed to be because of its simplest adaptation matching to our daily needs. As adapted by different instructors, who trim and twist not only the names of the asanas but also their performance in order, to add their own personal touch to the original forms. There are still a few genuine cohorts of the original Yoga trends, and most of them have acquired their knowledge from the universities of India.

The actual Yoga forms which are narrated in the Sanskrit manuscripts and textbooks can be gained by training and practice. Most of the teachers that we have around usually picked their styles from the one common base but get glamorized once they are exposed to the big world, but despite of the fact the base is the same. The idea behind the foundation of SYP was to introduce yoga smoothly and bring expertise to those who have an acceptance to the original form of it.

SYP is one of its own types and has no sister concerned or tie up with any other organizations with similar names .

Yoga ExerciseYoga practices at SYP

Ever since the SYP has been introduced there has been a constant strive to make Ancient Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic wisdom and holistic living popular among the people. These skills provide a great relief from the day to day hazardous stress and the further consequences of stress both on our physical and mental health, and are of great help in the overall development of Mankind. An ancient script has clearly stated that the stress is the root cause of most of the diseases’ and at the same time relaxation can bring great health benefits.

SYP offers:

200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

Detox Retreat

Teacher Training 

Yoga For Beginners


SYP Retreat PebblesSpeciality

You will find mother nature showering its blessing in the form of its scenic beauty as SYP is located very close to Laxman Jhula in the lush greens of Himalayas on the sacred and delightful banks of river ganga in Rishikesh. The basic facilities are easily available on a short walking distance of 5 to 10 minutes in the vicinity, like internet, guest house, beverages, restaurants and basic shopping. Though most of the facilities are fulfilled within the campus of SYP like boarding and lodging, comfort at waiting;/siting rooms, knowledgeable and interesting books at the library, a huge hall for yoga and meditation, in case you seek some space for group or individual practice, CD’s or DVD’s of different mantras is also available in the premises and last but the most special facility available is serving of healthy herbal tea for our disciples while they stay calm at SYP.

Where we are?

Rishikesh SYP

The capital of world yoga Rishikesh, is home of Siddha Yoga Peeth. We have our foundation laid at the alluring and soothing laps of Himalayan mountain ranges right next to the enthralling banks of divine river Ganga in the northern state of India Uttarakhand. Rishikesh is about 250 kilometers a distance from the capital city Delhi’s International Airport. Rishikesh is very well connected to capital via land, air and train. The closest railway station from Rishikesh is about 30 kilometers that is Haridwar and the closest Airport is at Dehradun at a distance of 21 kilometers. In order to reach PIYF kindly refer to “how to reach”.

Our Initiatives

• School for orphans – For a better mankind tomorrow teach the youth of today, with this vision SYP extends a helping hand to numerous orphans by educating them and providing basic facilities of clothing, shoes, education material , at the same time we also have plans to start a proper school for orphans to provide them better education.
• Medical Facility for deprives – With a dream of having our own hospital, we are currently helping the deprived and poor people by providing them free of cost medical facilities and herbal medicines.
• Helping the disables – Currently we are making a great efforts in helping the disables in the best way we can, but surely want to extend it to the better level in future.
• Complimentary Yoga Library- In the present times we give a facility of free reading books at the yoga foundation, but we aim at opening a better planned and organized library for yoga students and public.
• Yoga and Ayurveda Research Foundation – The ones who seek opportunity to know more about Yoga, SYP aims at providing this research foundation for yoga inquisitive.

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