28 Days 200 Hour Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Siddha Yoga Peeth located in the lap of Himalayas is everyone’s first choice for yoga learning. Rishikesh has emerged as the hub of yoga learning and practice. The course of 28 days 200 Hour Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is taught by a team of experienced and professional yoga teachers. These teachers have adopted a yogic form of life to teach yoga in its true essence to the learners. The yoga teachers are certified to practice and teach. After learning the nuances of yoga from here, the aspirants can start their own yoga training with confidence. Following are the main highlights of the program-

  • Daily practice sessions
  • Lessons on meditation under experts
  • Three healthy meals along with accommodation (accommodation includes rooms with bathroom and wifi connections)
  • Certificate on completion of the course
  • Complete purification of the mind and body through asanas

The following styles are taught in siddhayogapeeth

Hatha, ashthanga and vinyasa. All these courses are taught in both Hindi and English to engage students from all over the world.

Siddha Yoga Peeth teacher training program

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The 28 days 200 Hour Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh program will train the students in the art of yoga. Both theoretical and practical aspects of the science are taught to the aspirants under the able guidance of expert teachers. The 200 hour training is divided into four parts-

Course Syllabus

Part 1 of the course includes

  • Understanding the basic meaning of yoga
  • Introduction to the ancient history of yoga
  • The different paths of yoga and its philosophy by shankya
  • Understanding terms like hunts, chakras, pranks, Koshas
  • Art of self realisation and different exercises
  • Basic human anatomy and physiology
  • Knowing body through panchaKoshas and panchaPranas

Part 2 includes

  • Introduction to the art of asana which involves twists, postures, pose, bends, balance, inversions etc.
  • Union of the mind and body through various asans along with emotional healing.

Part 3

  • This part familiarises students to the human body and its working.

Part 4 includes

  • Teaching students ethical learning and teaching
  • Understanding ethics on the basis of dharma concept, Nigama and Yama of Ashtanga yoga
  • Making students aware of the Concept of Kriya yoga.
  • How to conduct professional yoga classes with the right mannerisms

Training daily schedule

Yoga Exercise

The daily schedule of students involves getting up at 5:30 in the morning which is followed by pooja and cleaning exercises. After that a session on chanting and pranayama take place. After tea and breakfast classes on philosophy are conducted followed by hour of self study. After lunch, there is a session of group practice, anatomy and after tea there is a class on hatha yoga which ends with deep meditation after dinner.


Shailendra Shivananda

He is well versed in the field astrology, numerology etc. He perfected the art of yoga in Rishikesh and is now well versed in Sadhna and asanas.

Yudhishther Paul

Paul is India’s most recognised yoga personality. He has taken and supervised more than the twenty camps and trained more than 2500 individuals since more than two decades. He is the President of International Naturopathy Organization, which is the biggest the NGO of yoga and naturopathy.

Om Dwivedi

Om Dwivedi started learning yoga at the tender age of 14 under the guidance of a guru. He is known for conducting various workshops, classes for people from all over the world and is the owner of a yoga studio.

The course fee includes

Accommodation with three healthy meals, wi-fi connections, t shirts, theory books and classes with complete practice of meditation and asanas. There are lectures and a certificate is provided on the completion of course. 20% of the fees has to provided at the time of booking and rest has to be paid on arrival.

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