14 Days Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India

14 Days Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

Yoga is considered to be the one of the best ways for relaxation of mind, body and soul. In this stressful life and hectic schedule yoga comes out to be superb remedy for leading a positive life. Various Yoga rejuvenation programs are growing their feets in India which not only gives you physical smartness but also contributes to positive mind.

Peaceful India Yoga retreat is one of the rejuvenation centres which is situated in the holy banks of river Ganga (Rishikesh)
They offer a complete package of 14 days which includes twosessions of Yoga classes, Meditation activity, and Ayurvedic massage from natural products daily. It also includes Panchkarma treatment or cleaning therapies which helps in removing the impurities from body. They also offer natural meals and breakfast that may vary from person to person.

Accommodation at Siddha Yoga Peeth

Accommodation SYP

In their Package they provide 13 night accommodation with complete luxury. One bedroom flat is allotted to each individual with amazing natural view which refreshes the mind with the start of day to night. They take care for the necessary thing which is required such as comfortable beds, attached bathrooms, television, Wi-Fi facility, cupboards etc. All the rooms are effusively aired that one can enjoy the freshness of air.The centre is located in the close proximity to supermarkets, shopping centers and restaurant where you can fulfill your daily needs. This type of rejuvenation centre provides you inner peace and enchanted vitality that allows you to feel positive.

Yoga Detox Retreats Program in Siddha Yoga Peeth

SYP Retreat

Yoga Detox Retreats Program follows an ancient approach to inculcate the Yoga practices and their learning in their students. Yoga practices not only keeps you fit but also make you wise. These programs are designed in such a way that ethics are developed automatically in the students. Their day begins with dinacharya – proper code of conduct or disciplinein which a day should start and comes to an end. They usually follow the practice of Pranayams and meditation for mental relaxation and realizing the inner you.

Major highlights of the programs:

Chanting of mantras and ethical sermons.
Panchkarma treatment and Shalya Chikitsa as cleansing technique.
Various methods to experience positive aura.
Various type of breathing activities known as Pranayams.
Meditation; a way to realize the ultimate power of all mighty.
Mountaineering with proper safety measure depending upon the age.
Other site seeing visits which includes a trip to Rishis Caves, Sunset point and temples.

Principles and Guidelines:

Morning starts with Teaching and Preaching.
Ethical behavior is to be maintained all the times.
Rules and Regulation to be followed all the time.
Booking Fees are non Refundable.
Smoking, Drinking, Non Vegetarian Food are strictly prohibited.

General Rules:

You need to maintain the silence till 10 am.

All the classes are compulsory to attend.
Eating or drinkinganything except water are not allowed during the classes or Yoga practices.
The Use of electronic gadgets such as laptop, mobile, iPods in the yoga hall is strictly prohibited.
One is supposed to carry only yoga mats and water bottles in yoga hall.
Comfortable clothes are advised to be worn and jewelry to be removed during the classes.

It is a complete bundle of package which includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. If anyone has a special dietary requirement then they make the arrangement if you will inform the same to coordinator in advance. Complete package cost does not cover fair charges such as airfare, airport transportation.

It is quiet an amazing experience to enjoy the beauty of nature while accomplishing and healing your health issues and mental fitness.

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