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In the natural scenic landscapes of Rishikesh, India is located an international standard yoga education center popularly known as Siddha Yoga Peeth (SYP). It is a yoga learning and training school. In the year 2012, this center was established with a vision and passion for conducting yoga and meditation workshops/ courses/ retreat about the ancient

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  • Sh. Shalender Shivananda – Siddha Yoga Peeth


  • Yogi Sidharth – Siddha Yoga Peeth

    Hari Om Tat Sat! Yogi Sidharth, one of the best Ashtanga yoga teachers in India, is known for his motivating yoga classes at Siddha Yoga Peeth- Rishikesh. MORE

    A yoga class with Yogi Sidharth includes powerful adjustments which safely teach students the depths of each asana. Yoga students come from all over the world to take his classes and commonly practice with him for one or more months at a time. The results are often times profound, students have returned home with straightened backs and clearer minds.

    He is also a senior yoga teacher trainer conducting yoga teacher trainings and workshops internationally. Yogi Sidharth was born n Orissa and since the past 7 years staying in Rishikesh,Yoga Capital of the World. Following the strict instructions from his Guru, he travelled studying yoga and masters all over India. He has certified umerous yoga certificates from organisations such as Ashtanga yoga from Mysure Sivananda, Satyananda Academies etc.

  • Yogi Om – Siddha Yoga Peeth


  • Ms. Pinky Negi – Siddha Yoga Peeth


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Siddha Yoga Peeth is registered yoga training centre and its associated yoga schools give training of approximately 200 hour to yoga teachers. The school of training is based on Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. On completion of the 200 hour YTTC, one becomes eligible for the 300 hour YTTC course. One can then share and pass

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                          300 hour yoga teacher training conducted in Rishikesh by the affiliated yoga schools of Siddha Yoga Peeth  India,  is based on the principles of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. This yoga course is a long and intensive one known as ERYT 300. Details

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Siddha Yoga Peeth conduct the 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. The famous Siddha Yoga Peeth, fulfills all the guidelines required for the registered yoga school located in India. The school helps one to learn all the nuances of yoga through practice so as to become an enlightened yoga teacher. 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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Nowadays, practicing yoga is seeing as the good option for keeping mind as well as body healthy and perfect. The benefits of yoga are the talking point among people. Along with the physical benefits, you will immediately feel the psychological effects after doing yoga practices. If you do not anything about the Yoga, there is

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The detox retreat yogic program at Siddha Yoga Peeth specializes  in various techniques of Hatha yogic cleansing that is also known as Shatkriya. This is an effective way to detox naturally.  Shatkriyas balances the 3 doshas in the human body. Also in the process of Yogic detoxification, yogic breathing techniques i.e. pranayama, yogc diet, hatha

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It has been years since when Siddha Yoga Peeth has spread its knowledge about health and yoga to people of many countries.


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